Infant Toddler

Infant Toddler

Infant Toddler

(Year-round – 80 Fennell Street)

Ages 3 Months – 3 Years


Bring your infant /toddler to a safe, calm and peaceful environment. Our environment is a natural, large open space, lit up with soft lighting and lovely large windows. The Montessori environment that is carefully prepared by trained guides exudes a sense of joy, tranquility and happiness as each child’s developmental needs are respected. Our guides/caregivers are nurturing, caring and loving and strive to understand each individual child’s needs. Our role is to assist in helping each child grow and develop their own unique personality in a safe and loving environment.

The classroom is prepared with guided exploration in mind. The safe space is designed to meet the developmental needs of the youngest members of our community. Our guides model and interact with our infants through speaking, singing, rocking, holding and smiling. We want each child to feel safe, loved and nurtured.

Caregivers follow each child’s schedule. Each child sleeps when sleepy, wakes when slept enough, eats when hungry and explores when ready to. Our large space allows the child to work on sitting, crawling, reaching and walking. Our caregivers will encourage each child to challenge themselves through observation of each child. Our Orff music program will manifest with classical music being played, songs being sung, movement encouraged and instruments being played.



(September – June & Summer Camp – 1055 Wilkes  Avenue)

Ages 2-3 Years


In September 2005, we opened our Bambini program for children aged 2 to 2 ½. This program offers the younger child a unique learning experience in a warm and inviting environment. Our Bambini classroom promotes learning at an age when children are able to absorb everything and are beginning to form their personalities. This program also allows for lower ratios, ensuring plenty of one-on-one time.

Montessori programming for this younger age group focuses on independence, confidence and self-help skills, which ready the children for the Casa Early Childhood program. The emphasis is on practical life and sensorial activities where children have the opportunity to enhance their fine and gross motor abilities, concentration and visual acuity. The activities offered set the foundation for future learning in language, mathematics and cultural studies. Additionally, the children visit the Orff music program each day for songs and movement activities.

The Bambini program is an excellent way for younger children to become comfortable with the Montessori environment and to develop in an atmosphere of respect and special understanding.

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