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Montessori Model United Nations

This weekend, our third year upper elementary students are participating virtually in the Montessori Model United Nations conference, serving as delegates from Romania.

Our elementary students made Romanian flags for each of our delegates this week, as a send-off gift for them before the conference!


Casa’s Elementary Students took their stand at the Legislative building, together with many other students for the support of this important cause!

Vibrant, Daring, Ephemral, Wild – Casa Montessori & Orff School, Winnipeg

Former students Hella and Jakob Straub’s parents Anna and Dietmar have won an award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for the naturalization of our Fennell outdoor space.


Children, parents and teachers work together on the Veggie Hill to cultivate their gardens.



  • Quotes

    Maria Montessori

    “Imitation is the first instinct of the awakening mind.”

    Carl Orff

    “Tell me, I forget Show me, I remember Involve me, I understand”

    Maria Montessori

    “Never help a child with a task at which they feel they can succeed.”

    Carl Orff

    “Experience first, then intellectualize”

    Maria Montessori

    “The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth.”

    Carl Orff

    “Elemental music is never alone but forms a unity with movement, dance and speech. The growth of music must be re-enacted in the growing human being and the child must be allowed to go through the various stages, starting at the most punitive”

    Maria Montessori

    “We cannot make a genius. We can only give a child the chance to fulfill their potential.”

    Carl Orff

    “Elemental music gives the child powers that cannot otherwise come to fruition…Elementary music should not be installed as a subsidiary subject, but as something fundamental to other subjects”

    Maria Montessori

    “To assist a child we must provide them with an environment which will enable them to develop freely.”