What is an authentic Montessori program?

We feel that there are several critical and important features that our school offers that would fit the definition of an authentic Montessori program.

  • A carefully prepared and stimulating environment that has the appropriate Montessori materials to meet the needs of the age group that it’s serving
  • Defined classroom areas that include practical life, sensorial, math, language, and cultural geography, botany, zoology and art
  • Teachers with recognized training to direct and to support the individual growth of each child
  • A multi-aged classroom with a three-year age span
  • A schedule that allows for an uninterrupted three hour work cycle for the children, which encourages independence and self directed learning

Why do Montessori classrooms group different age levels together?

Montessori programs, with their beautifully prepared environments, are created to address the developmental needs of each age group in the classroom. The younger children are stimulated by what the older children are doing and absorb a great deal from observing them. In turn, the older children have opportunities to share what they know with the younger children and become wonderful role models. With two thirds of the children returning each year, this creates a stable culture and community within the classroom.

Why do most Montessori schools require the children to attend five days a week?

Young children flourish when they have consistency and routine in their lives. One of the goals of a Montessori program is to help children feel empowered and capable. In order to do this, they need to have continuity from one day to the next.

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