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Fay Sequeira and Lorraine Barnett

Fay Sequeira and Lorraine Barnett are Casa Montessori co-founders and Directors. Since 1991, they have overseen the growth of the schools and are personally involved in all aspects of the programs, including classroom teaching. Their strong partnership and devotion to the Montessori and Orff philosophies is apparent in every area of the schools. Their educational background and years of experience offer the stability, insights and enthusiasm that have allowed the schools to flourish.

Lorraine started her Montessori teaching career at Winnipeg Montessori School & then went on to be one of the co-founders of Montessori Learning Centre now known as Riverview Montessori School.

Fay was inspired to do her Montessori training by her mentor Rosemary Darville from Children’s House Montessori. Fay trained at St Nicholas College in London, England, and then joined Lorraine at the Montessori Learning centre. Later, Fay completed her Elementary Training at the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Fay is also a Master Teacher, training teachers with the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute in Winnipeg.

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